Meet Resident Artist Emma Sharman

Emma Sharman

When visiting the Ledberry, you will have noticed some of the beautiful artwork on display in the Lounge, Hall & Pantry. The Artist who created this work is Emma Sharman of Dinglewood Art and below Emma has written a few words to introduce herself, her work and her influences..

"I am a self taught artist , working mainly with acrylics, inks and more recently oils and cold wax
I primarily paint abstract landscapes and seascapes, often reflecting my love for my home country Ireland and the many different weather patterns we usually see in a typical “ Irish Day”.
I work with combinations of texture, colour and mark making to create atmosphere, drama and mood.
I have a deep love of the sea, it’s calmness , it’s turbulence, it’s gentleness and it’s ferociousness.
When I start a painting, I will have in my mind a general idea of colour , shape and design , but then I let the creative process take me on a journey.
The painting will often change quite dramatically as I progress , in colour and composition.
Finally I add subtle touches of light and definition to add movement and tone .

As the famous Belarusian-French artist Marc Chagall once said"

“ If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; If from the head, almost nothing “

I hope you enjoy my work on display at The Ledberry .

Contact : Emma Sharman 07947 610266